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April 01, 2019 2 min read

Seiko presented today, April 1, 2019, a very special watch from the Presage line, the Seiko "Senbei".

The "Senbei" is a traditional Japanese snack, cooked on the grill by skilled master craftsmen.


Seiko quadrante biscotto Senbei


Since 1881, the year of its foundation, Seiko he has always conceived watchmaking as an art. 
There Presage line, a collection consisting of fine mechanical watches, has drawn inspiration, for its dials, from traditional Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship, thus giving life to the porcelain enamel called "Shippo" and the "Urushi" lacquer.
Today Seiko presented, in its Presage collection, a dial dedicated to the traditional Japanese snack: the "Senbei", a rice cracker.
The production process saw a highly skilled Senbei craftsman working under the guidance of the engineers Seiko, looking for the ideal combination of rice and soy sauce, to give the dial the right taste, and the right temperature on the grill for a perfect color.

After countless trials and unspeakable errors this splendid watch was finally born.


Seiko Serie Senbei 2019

The Roman numerals and the logo mark on the "Senbei" Presage dial are written in finely cut "nori" seaweed, and are placed by the careful hands of the craftsman. The seaweed comes from Japan, and goes well with Senbei and soy sauce.
We can safely call this watch a true work of art.




We have reached the end, and now we can reveal it: today is April 1st and Seiko has decided to celebrate it with this wonderful April Fool's Day! 
Seiko has created a special page and this beautiful movie to celebrate this day in a playful way with all watch lovers. We did not expect such a playful spirit from a company like Seiko, framed in the world of traditional Japanese watchmaking. We were pleasantly surprised by this gimmick!

We hope you too! 

Here you can find the original Seiko article.


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