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On 2b Gioielli you can find a wide selection of Citizen watches for sale online at an advantageous price. Citizen is one of the leaders in the Japanese wristwatch market. The Citizen Watches Collections range for a large number of models, each full of cutting-edge technological features. 

The Citizen brand is particularly famous for its watches Citizen Eco-Drive: thanks to this technology, Citizen watches are able to work with any form of light, without the need to replace the battery.

Also from the point of view of the materials Citizen has proved to be innovative thanks to the use of Super Titanium

Citizen super titanium watches are characterized by extreme strength combined with a marked lightness: the resistance of super titanium is five times higher than that of normal titanium, while maintaining the extraordinary lightness that characterizes the material.

The Citizen Radiocontrollati instead boast the primacy of precision: the technology of radio control allows him to receive a time signal generated by an atomic clock and transmitted by means of radio waves. The perfect testimonials of this technology are the Citizen Pilot and i Citizen Super Pilot, real milestones of the Citizen collection. The precision of the atomic clock, and consequently the precision of each clock Radio controlled Citizen it is absolute, with a tolerance of 1 sec every 10 million years, equal only to the models Satellite Wavewith time signal reception directly from satellites.

Satellite System with satellite time signal reception (tolerance 1 sec. every 10 million years). GPS function. 1/20 sec. Chronograph Indications of a second time zone. World timer with 40 hours cities of the world. Alarm.

The collection Promaster by Citizen is dedicated to the sea, the world of diving and those who love water. Iconic is the Citizen Promaster Aqualand 1, the Citizen Diver watch par excellence, equipped with a depth gauge and numerous functions useful in diving. Watches were then added to the Promaster series Altichron, ideal for mountain hikes, Eco Drive and equipped with altimeter and models Chrono Millesimo.

The collection is completed by i Citizen Lady, dedicated to the female world. Eco drive watches for women where Citizen technology is combined with a refined taste and always attentive to the latest news in the fashion field.

Up 2b Jewelery you can discover the Citizen world and search for your favorite model, which you can buy online at competitive prices. 

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