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Casio orologi g-shock 2b gioielliCasio is one of the 4 main manufacturing companies of wrist watches in Japan, renowned worldwide for its digital clocks liquid crystal.

Founded in 1946, Casio has evolved in the world of watchmaking, developing over time a large number of models and product lines, each with its own peculiarities.

Of all the best known series is undoubtedly that of G-Shock, a line of watches created to withstand the most adverse conditions, known all over the world thanks to their uniqueness and the skilful collaboration of Casio with various internationally renowned artists and designers who regularly make models Limited edition G-Shock.

Another well-known line is that of watches Pro Trek, dedicated to the world of trekking and the outdoors, which offer sensors useful in excursions such as barometer, altimeter, compass and thermometer.

We then Edifice, sports watches in steel suitable for those looking for a sober and qualitatively impeccable watch.

For the female audience Casio has created the series Sheen, consisting of fashionable women's watches in steel, and the series Baby-G, the female counterpart of G-Shock, with watches of smaller dimensions and therefore more suitable to be worn by a woman.

In recent years, the phenomenon of watches has been created Casio Vintage, a re-edition of those same digital display watches that Casio launched many years ago.

There is also a line of Casio smartwatch, watches rich in advanced features, with satellite position detection and display of the same on color maps.

To complete the picture of the lines and the salient features we then have the radio controlled clocks he solar powered watches.

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