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Timepiece. This was the original function of this magnificent invention: to mark the passing of time and let people know the exact time when you wanted to know it. Over time, the clock has evolved into what we now know. Accuracy and precision has reached levels that border on perfection in the models Radio controlled, autonomy has grown beyond belief by first passing from the a manual winding to that of Automatic Watches, and then from battery powered quartz models to the latest solar models Eco Drive where the charge never runs out. By now the watch is a fantastic wrist accessory, rich in mechanical technology in the Swiss Made models, where the movements are rigorously made or finished in Switzerland, with necessarily manual steps, or electronic technology as in the case of Smartwatch, able to connect with the smartphone to constantly receive updates and notifications on the touchscreen. Who would have thought that one day we would be able to call and talk through a clock ?! The materials have also undergone significant innovations: the steel has hardened with the 316L alloy and the Titanium has been lightened and strengthened with the Super Titanium.


What are you talking about chronographs or just Time, luxury watches or cheap watches, style always has its primary importance: the personality of the wearer is reflected in the choice of the perfect model, which ranges fromsports watch all 'classic watch to wear with the right clothing, from designer models to casual watches to wear every day. And if you go for a run, how not to wear a digital watch with heart rate monitor and GPS from Running, able to monitor data to help you train at your best?

Whatever watch it is on 2b Gioielli you can find the best watchmaking brands, all the latest news and many offers, our shop is in fact the best place to buy watches! If you need to give a gift for a birthday, an important occasion or a graduation, if you have to participate in confirmations or communions, a watch is always an appreciated gift that lasts over time and never tires. In our shop you can choose the most suitable watch and count on the fact that you will receive the original packaging, the 24-month warranty and, if you want, everything you need to be able to prepare a wonderful gift package. And if you have the possibility, you can collect your order directly in ours Rome jewelry!

In our shop windows, both on the street and online, you will be able to see all the best watch brands in person, for example an exclusive selection of automatic watches Hamilton, of Swiss Made watches Tissot, or the Japanese super techs like i Citizen Eco Drive or Promaster Titanium radio controlled. Trendy brands like Emporio Armani is Guess offer designer watches for those looking for the perfect style. The Fossil watches instead they focus on a retro style like the timeless watches Casio Vintage, always on the crest of the wave. And for fans of social media and trends, the choice can only fall on watches Daniel Wellington or up Cluse. The Garmin watches instead they are the ideal choice for those who want maximum control during excursions or workouts, thanks to the internal sensors that allow them to detect position and heartbeat, the altimeter and the barometer to know the details of the place where you are .


On the 2b Gioielli website you can find the best offers of watches, a huge selection of models from the best brands that you can find with great discounts on the list price. In particular, our OUTLET section allows you to save up to 70% on the prices of watches from past collections. We are official dealers of all the brands we sell, so you can always count on the official warranty valid for 2 years at all brand dealers.

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