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    Over half a century of history: from 1934 to today ...

    2b Gioielli is a modern and dynamic jewelery shop specializing in the online sale of jewelery and watches. Its roots go back to the last century, when the Bussi couple decided to open a jewelry business in the Aurelio district of Rome. 

    It was 1934 when the Bussi jewelry was born.

    The passion for the world of watchmaking and jewelery was handed down from the parents to one of the 2 daughters, who continued the activity of their parents with the same love and devotion, always focusing on the attention for customers, with which established a lasting relationship based on respect and trust, essential in the world of jewelry. 

    In the following years the business continued flourishing, and soon the grandchildren of the Bussi spouses supported their parents in the management of the business, specializing in goldsmithing and gemology.

    In 2010 they entered the world of E-commerce, creating an online sales site for watches and jewelry that soon became their main business. 

    In 2012 they decided to move from the original shop, which has now become too small, to a larger one, located in the Marconi area, which would allow them to exhibit the large amount of brands they were dealers with together with the gold and silverware, without ever forgetting attention to its customers, and trying to establish once again that relationship of trust that characterized the work of parents.

    In 2018 it was decided to create a new site dedicated to this new jewelry, trying to transmit the same values and the same passion as always online.

    Welcome to 2bgioielli.it!