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Italo Fontana, creator of the famous watch brand U-Boat, had a brilliant idea capable of changing the perception of a watch in the eyes of the beholder: the photochromic glass.

This is undoubtedly the greatest strength of the WELDER MOODY: the glasses of the watches are photochromic e change color based on the angle of light and the color of the clothes you are wearing.

Italo Fontana, designer of Welder, claims to include something really important in all his creations: his own identity. And it is precisely a strong identity that makes the watches Welder unique, different from all the others, easily recognizable from a distance.

The crown and buttons positioned on the left side, the generous dimensions of the case, the photochromic glasses, are all distinctive features that denote the marked personality of Welder watches and of the wearer.

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